Nuclear Radiation Sickness, Protection and Remedies – Tablets and Pills

Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant has just exploded, blasting toxic radiation into the environment. It can already beginning to be detected on the northern coast of California. – Protect yourself from deadly radiation sickness by being prepared! How you can prepare yourself and your family so you don’t get sick from this Natural Zeolite will help you be protected from this deadly radiation exposure.

Ionizing Radiation, particularly from a nuclear power plant disaster is extremely hazardous to humans, animals and the environment. It is expected to hit Northern Canada and the United States in a week. What this really means is that where a lot of the whole world’s food production may become contaminated with radioactive isotopes (harmful radiation), as well as the water that goes into the water supply. That means crop irrigation as well as drinking water for all those south of the mountains where the western portion of the Canada gets it drinking water. Radioactive Disease can be really harmful.

You will become deathly ill from radiation poisoning if you do nothing about this! It will cause cancer, radiation sickness, physical deformities in your body, and your children, and yet to be born children. You must take a few simple yet powerful steps and stock up on a few items that can help you and your family avoid being struck with this radiation. Full avoidance may not be possible, but there are measures you can do if you do get exposed to some of the toxic radiation. Start taking some Zeolit supplements which will detox the harmful radiation and keep it moving through your body instead of staying in your body. This is really important! Ground yourself as much as possible (which is making barefoot connections with the earth or plants) to allow the earth’s magnetic energy to remove harmful toxins.

Add some Black Mica supplement to any water that you imbibe if you are in an affected zone, as this will help clean the water you are drinking. Do Not use any potassium iodine pills as they are harmful. Use kelp, nascent iodine, sea salt instead. Let’s hope this will pass and they will use natural zeolite and clean up the deadly radiation from the nuclear eruption in The Japanese Area quickly! Remember to not freak out, but just take these simple steps and you and your family will continue to enjoy natural wellness and be free from the energies of this bizarre event.

Zeolite uses: They are best used to quickly detox the body of unnatural levels of chemicals in the body. You can discover more information on how to get and use Natural Powdered Zeolite, which is beneficial for human consumption in making sure you are not affected by any type of radiation or heavy metal exposure by

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